All-in-one Microclimate Sensing Solution

One of our bestsellers, this sensor is your ally in deciphering all essential inputs of plants. Learn the secret relation between light and water uptake in plants, thanks to the substrate-to-air measurements by Soil Pro+.

  • PAR (µmol/m2/s), DLI (mol/d)
  • Air: Temperature (ºC), Relative humidity (%), Absolute humidity (g/m3), Dew point (ºC)
  • Substrate: Water(%), EC (mS/cm), Temperature (ºC)
  • Solar powered, lithium battery, forced ventilation.

“The perfect grower’s assistant that never sleeps!”

Soil Pro+ sends you alerts when you forget to water your plants! Growers love our Soil Pro+

Soil Pro+ Unveil the Plant Whisperer Within You

Soil Pro+ singlehandedly monitors all key variables from the substrate, light, and air. The perfect combination of functionality and affordability. Observe the relation between substrate water and root respiration.

Are you tired of making runs to your greenhouse to check on your plants’ substrate all the time? Get control with Sigrow sensors and relax! Remotely monitor the microclimate anywhere, anytime! Spend the time you save with the family or doing what you love – besides growing the best plants ever!

A Symphony of Sensing Precision

See your plants thriving in harmony with their microclimate, orchestrated by the Soil Pro+.

This marvel helps you craft an environment where your plants are destined to flourish.

One-man Army:

The Soil Pro+ simplifies sensor installation and management by combining multiple sensors in one device that takes all essential measurements from the air right down to the substrate to help optimise your yields.

The Science at Work:

A dedicated substrate probe is inserted into the growing media for accurate substrate readings. The rest of the sensors are housed above, positioned at canopy level to get accurate air and light variable readings.

Works in Soil, Coco, Rockwool, Peat, etc

Is your fertiliser uptake optimised?

Enables you to optimise nutrient solution uptake by monitoring Water, EC pore, and temperature. Did you know that on a very hot day, fertiliser uptake can increase due to the fact that it is controlled by temperature and humidity? Increased EC measurements alert you of the situation and you can solve this issue by watering your plants.

Want to know more about the variables mentioned and how they affect plant growth? Read more

• Canopy to root sensing of all essential air, light, and substrate microclimate variables to help regulate nutrient uptake, fertigation and irrigation.

• Optimise screen settings and lighting schedules for better results.

• Continuous sensing eliminates midnight runs to check on plants.

• Manage your nursery with fewer resources.

  • Machine-to-machine communication
  • Dedicated, user-friendly app to monitor your plants’ microclimate and alert you when something is wrong
  • Amsterdam-based Cloud Storage by Sigrow
  • Discovery team visits by plant scientists for sensor installation, data analysis, and solution suggestions.

Built with Precision in Mind
Set and forget this beauty thanks to its big solar panel and durable lithium battery.
Solar-powered fan for forced ventilation ensures accurate readings for air temperature and humidity.
Maintain a uniform microclimate in all troublesome nooks and corners of your greenhouse.

Nature’s Guardian, Even from Afar

Never leave your plants unattended again. The Soil Pro+ stands guard 24/7, sending real-time alerts and notifications. Whether you are miles away or cosied up at home, rest assured your plants are thriving under the watchful eye of this virtual guardian.

Happy Customers!

Verboom Nursery is a third-generation grower of Helleborus and Skimmias. They have been using Soil Pro+ and Mass Start since 2017 to monitor substrate humidity and keep Botrytis and Phytophthora in check. Thanks to our sensor solutions, they were able to optimize irrigation, monitor osmocote uptake, keep fungal diseases in check, and buy peace of mind that the app will send an alert if something is wrong.

They make fewer trips to the nursery and get better plant quality and yield thanks to a smarter monitoring solution which enables timely actions.

“It [sensors] will help us to grow better plants.”