Sigrow sensors complement human senses to measure what the eye can not see. Thereby optimising the microclimate of your plants to ensure optimal development, growth and quality.

Pixel The Greenhouse Growers Multi-purpose devices

The SiPixel is a sensing solution focussed on the precise monitoring, visualising and steering of the plant light (PAR, DLI), air micro-climate (T air, T dew, RH, AH), leaf temperature and VPD. Based on the measurements decisions can be made up on optimising the micro-climate and stomata opening. Moreover, by monitoring plant temperature and dew point energy can be saved and the occurrence of fungal disease minimised.

Are your plants screaming out of balance and you can’t hear them? Take the guesswork out of your growing decisions and switch over to Sigrow Sensors.

Start basing your decisions on the effective use of wireless sensors and data-analysis tools for feed forward control, increasing your resource use efficiency and profits by yield and quality optimisation.

Benefits that blow your mind!

Wondering what the scientific variables mean?

Why Pixel?

Collects data on crucial microclimate variables to maintain balance and regulate temperature, stomatal opening, nutrient uptake, and more.

Optimize lighting conditions, leaf temperature, and dew point for maximum plant growth and prevent condensation-related issues.

Automate the control of your microclimate.

Dependable, uniform yields thanks to data-driven decisions.


Happy Growers!