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Stomata Camera System combined at only 2975

Save with the Stomata Starters Pack All the essentials to enable Stomata and micro-climate sensing: 1xCentral Camera manager + 1xSigrow Stomata Camera + 1xSigrow Dry Air+

Connectivity and Support

Plan and Pricing Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Max microclimate units 3 devices 10 devices 100 devices
Cloud data storage
User accounts portal
Online software access
Mail based support
API integration (e.g. IIVO, LetsGrow, HortiMax)
Phone support
Receive callbacks within 2 hours
Free PAR calibrations
Up to 100 wireless devices per year
Yearly training:
To transform your data into discoveries (one hour/year: 150 euro)

Stomata Camera Service Pack


2 months free when paid yearly

Worldwide upload via 2G/4G. Included in all Service Packs. Plug in and start uploading!

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