With extreme portability, instant deployment, an easy-to-use app interface, and continuous monitoring, the Soil Mini is a grower’s best friend. Take the ambiguity out of your growing decisions. Marvel, don’t wonder…

Soil Mini Perfection wears Pink

Don’t get fooled by it’s hot colour and sleek, compact design. The Mini packs a powerful set of sensors for essential substrate monitoring. With this substrate sensor backing up your growing methods, you can have the peace of mind that everything is under control.

Never wonder what’s going on in your pots! Make timely decisions to avoid heterogenous yields with Soil Mini.

Benefits that blow your mind!

Want to know more about the variables mentioned and how they affect plant growth?

Why Soil Mini?

Continuous sensing of substrate microclimate to help regulate nutrient uptake, fertigation and irrigation.

Optimise substrate water, EC, and temperature.


Happy Growers!

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Affordable all-in-one substrate sensing solution for greenhouse growers

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