How data improved our clients’ greenhouses

Blom KENTIA Palms

Blom Kentia Palms is a family business that runs one of the most modern palm nurseries in Europe. Located in Aalsmeer, they supply customers worldwide with their Kentias. Blom is a well-known and respected name in the horticultural sector.

Our continuous data measurement was especially useful for their growth optimization.

How we optimized Blom’s growing quality


Kentia palms grow optimally in a precise and controllable environment, which is only viable with accurate measurement. Our soil and air sensors provided precisely that for Blom Kentia Palms!


With the help of our comprehensive data monitoring, Blom was able to make precise decisions regarding the watering and (lighting) placement. They discovered that their plants suffered from suboptimal photosynthesis due to suboptimal lighting and watering conditions.


With this new data, Blom was able to make significant changes and Sigrow’s sensor systems enabled them to keep improving on the data they gathered. The new controlled environment provides a better growth situation for Kentia. The results were even visually clear, as shown above.


The key to unlocking the maximum potential of your Sigrow sensors is to use your data. Besides collection and careful storage, which Sigrow has covered for you, data analysis is the next step to discover how to improve your greenhouse climate. We will help you to get the most out of your Sigrow sensors. Sign up using the form below to get 1 hour of free data discovery services.