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A new generation of greenhouses, led by data-driven decisions and cutting-edge technology, is here. Though the agricultural industry has always dedicated itself to innovation, technology has never offered growers such a distinct competitive edge. Today, growers are using data to make calculated decisions that dramatically improve their crop yields by improving ROI, reducing energy costs, and more.

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Sigrow products

Soil mini

Don’t get fooled by its hot colour and sleek, compact design. The Mini packs a powerful set of sensors for essential substrate monitoring. With this substrate sensor backing up your growing methods, you can have the peace of mind that everything is under control. Works in Soil, Peat, Rockwool & Coco.

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Sigrow Soil pro+

See your plants thriving in harmony with their microclimate, orchestrated by the Soil Pro+. This marvel helps you craft an environment where your plants are destined to flourish. The Soil Pro+ simplifies sensor installation and management by combining multiple sensors in one device that takes all essential measurements from the air right down to the substrate to help optimise your yields. Works in Soil, Peat, Rockwool & Coco.

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Sigrow Pixel

The SiPixel is a sensing solution focussed on the precise monitoring, visualising and steering of the plant light (PAR, DLI), air micro-climate (T air, T dew, RH, AH), leaf temperature and VPD. Based on the measurements decisions can be made up on optimising the micro-climate and stomata opening. Moreover, by monitoring plant temperature and dew point energy can be saved and the occurrence of fungal disease minimised.

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Stomata camera

This allows the grower to monitor the climate around the plants and whether the stomata of the plants are open.
When the stomata are open, the plants will lose water through a process called transpiration.

Transpiration is linearly related to growth, so open stomata indicate plant growth. When plants’ stomata are open, we also know that Ca, Mg and CO2 are being effectively taken up.

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Understand your climate data like never before

How Our Solutions Help

Access all the data from Sigrow sensors with our free app, available on both mobile and desktop, to make smart decisions about your operations. Integrate it effortlessly with your existing software and export data easily for team collaboration, all without any subscription fees. Sigrow is ideal for intelligent decision-making, whether you specialize or diversify your crops, especially for plant trials. It provides continuous monitoring and alerts for immediate action against potential plant loss. Additionally, it empowers your staff, both new and existing, with essential knowledge, reducing training time and enhancing productivity and decision-making.

Exceptional Customer Service

Sigrow has no sales team, only a dedicated group of agriculture enthusiasts based on the Wageningen University and Research campus, where we’ve poured our hearts and minds into horticulture innovation. We’re growers first and foremost, and we’ve made it our mission in life to help others continuously grow better plants.

Our technicians work with your existing team to help you discover what factors influence your plants’ microclimate so that we can work together to improve your operation. From a data-based discovery plan to microclimate evaluation, we combine our research with your experience to transform the way you grow.


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My name is Rutger, and my passion for horticulture and love of technology led me to create Sigrow. I love to empower companies with the data they need to make more informed decisions and improve their return on investment. Do you have questions about our organization? Are you ready to discover the potential hidden in the data? Please reach out, because I’d love to speak with you.