SiPixel Reveal the hidden secrets of plant vitality.
SiPixel: Unleashing the extraordinary possibilities of precision monitoring.


Plant temperature & VPD (kPa).
PAR (µmol/m
2/s), DLI (mol/d).
Air: Temperature (ºC), Relative humidity (%),
Absolute humidity (g/m
3), Dew point (ºC)
Solar Powered, lithium battery,
forced ventilation.


Let’s get to know each other better

The SiPixel is a sensing solution focussed on the precise monitoring, visualising and steering of the plant light (PAR, DLI), air micro-climate (T air, T dew, RV, AV), leaf temperature and VPD.

Follow up

Based on the measurements decisions can be made up on optimising the micro-climate and stomata opening. Moreover, by monitoring plant temperature and dew point energy can be saved and the occurrence of fungal disease minimised.

How does SiPixel optimize plant micro-climate and stomata opening?

SiPixel optimizes plant micro-climate and stomata opening by monitoring and visualizing parameters such as light, air conditions, leaf temperature, and VPD, allowing for informed decisions and improved plant health.

How does SiPixel’s monitoring of plant light inform decision-making for growth and health?

SiPixel’s monitoring of plant light informs decision-making for growth and health, enabling adjustments to lighting conditions and photoperiods, resulting in improved yields and quality.

How does SiPixel save energy and minimize fungal diseases through temperature and dew point monitoring?

SiPixel’s temperature and dew point monitoring leads to energy savings and minimized fungal diseases by implementing targeted cooling/heating strategies and maintaining optimal conditions.


SiPixel is a cutting-edge sensing solution that revolutionizes plant monitoring and optimization. By precisely measuring and visualizing parameters such as plant light, air micro-climate, leaf temperature, and VPD, SiPixel enables informed decisions for optimizing the micro-climate, regulating stomata opening, and promoting plant growth and health. It also contributes to energy savings by monitoring temperature and dew point, and minimizes the occurrence of fungal diseases. With its ability to monitor and adjust plant light, SiPixel empowers growers to make informed decisions that lead to improved yields and overall plant quality.

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